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Giving at Asitu'lisk

It has long been our dream to see young Indigenous children learning from the land under the same hemlocks their ancestors did long ago. We have been working diligently to bring youth back to the land. We want our people to feel the peace of that forest and its lands.

Unfortunately, the delicate balance of our hemlock forest is under threat. The invasive Hemlock Woolly Adelgid (HWA) has infiltrated our hemlocks, posing a grave danger to their survival.

To protect these ancient giants, we are undertaking an extensive inoculation process. This endeavor is both crucial and costly, and we need your help more than ever. With your generous support, we can combat the HWA infestation and ensure the long-term health of our beloved hemlocks. Together, let’s preserve this invaluable part of our cultural heritage.

Beyond the fight against HWA, we have ambitious multi-year plans for Asitu’lisk. Our vision includes an observatory that connects people with the star stories, a world-class performance center for the arts, and sacred ceremony spaces that allow us to reconnect with Mother Earth. However, these transformative projects require significant resources, including infrastructure upgrades, accessibility improvements, and ongoing maintenance. By making a donation, you become an integral part of our journey, helping us build a stronger foundation and turn our dreams into reality. Every contribution brings us closer to creating a space where Indigenous traditions, nature, and the arts converge, fostering healing, learning, and celebration. Join us in this vital mission and together, let’s shape the future of Asitu’lisk.


Our donations for Asitu'lisk (formerly known as Windhorse Farm) are served through Canada Helps: